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Simple Rails & AWS Lambda Integration using Rack

Event-driven and deeply integrated within AWS, Lambda allows your Rails architecture to be completely reimagined atop fully managed infrastructure resources like Aurora, SQS, S3, CloudWatch, IAM, and much more. Using Lamby can help your engineering teams learn to "program the cloud".

Event-Based with Rack

No webserver needed! Lamby is as a Rack adapter that converts any AWS Lambda integration into Rack objects that are sent directly to your app. Lamby supports Function URLs, API Gateway (HTTP or REST), and Application Load Balancer (ALB) integrations. Background jobs and other events are supported.

Container-First Principles

Any containerized Rails application can run on AWS Lambda. Compute can rapidly scale to meet any demand and back down to zero for cost savings. Images have access to 10 GB size limits, 10 GB of memory, & as many as 6 vCPUs. Lamby even promotes the use of the same containers for development.

Easy IaC to CI/CD

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) will now be front and center in your Rails project folder by using the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM). Easily create serverless Resources like S3 Buckets, EventBridge Rules, IAM Roles and more. Leverage SAM's CLI to create/update AWS Resources and your container images.